Chef Nicola started his culinary experience when he was only 2 years old helping his mother cook for family and friend in her small kitchen. He grew up in Bari a city located in Puglia right on the heel of the boot. After working several years for a Pizza Place called Il Marinaio and for Restaurant II Faraone he decided to study at a culinary school and recieved a degree from the Italian Culinary Institute of Bary in Puglia ITALY. Nicola spent seven years working and traveling in many cities and regions of Italy. Immediately after receiving his degree, He worked all over Europe including France, England and Germany. A few years later, he decided to open a restaurant in Domenican Republic.

In 1999 he moved to United State hired by Alfredo The Original of Rome in EPCOT Center Disney World Orlando. He was also chef at Tiramisu' and Aura Restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida. Chef Nicola then was proposed to move to California and after opening 3 Restaurants in Los Angeles , Pasadena, Covina and Lake Arrowead, moved to San Luis Obispo in 2001 where he worked as Executive Chef of Benvenuti Restaurant for two years. Now with the passion taught by his mother and a vast experience from all over the world Chef Nicola Allegretta is here to serve San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara with Mama's Meatball, a restaurant and catering service specializing in Italian Gastronomy in a innovative mix of traditional and contemporary cuisine.