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 Mama's Meatball is Now Offering A Franchise Opportunity!

San Luis Obispo, California, January 2022


In 2006, Chef Nicola set out to transform the Italian restaurant industry with his dedication to authenticity. His extensive experience in the service industry and his passion for Italian cooking sparked his interest in creating an Italian restaurant. This is how Mama’s Meatball came to be. We’ve garnered critical acclaim throughout the years and have gained a following within the community as your favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant. After reaching the peak of success, we’ve decided to bridge the gap between borders and franchise our business across the nation.

Did you know that around 80% percent of people worldwide favor Italian food over any other? Italian recipes use rich ingredients for tasty results, so it's no surprise it's a favorite around the world! Mama’s Meatball has the same popular effect. We are on a journey to become the best Italian restaurant in America! With appetizing recipes that surpass your average Italian establishments, we’ve got the key to a memorable dining experience. Mama’s Meatball brings diverse menu options to the table, whether it’s Antipasti, Zuppe, Pizza, Primi, or even salads! - we pride ourselves on satisfying even the pickiest of palates! Order our signature dishes like our famous Fettuccine Alfredo and pair them with a classic wine option from our collection for the finishing touch to your evening.


Mama’s Meatball is extending its hand to any business-minded and driven entrepreneur that seeks to bring our successful business concept to their city. Once you invest in our concept, you will gain access to our comprehensive training program we have developed that will give franchisees the tools and assistance they need to face any challenge and introduce them to superior industry practices.


Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer! Investing in Mama’s Meatball is also investing in a billion-dollar market that is prime for growth. Franchising with us will grant you the opportunity to be part of a profitable business venture that has nowhere else to go but up. Succeeding in the restaurant business isn’t easy without experience. Investing in our brand will mean access to our franchise support team, who will be there every step of the way so you can excel in the business. Join Mama’s Meatball and accelerate your career with us! Contact Franchise Creator today to learn more about this life-changing opportunity!

About Franchise Creator

Franchise Creator was founded by CEO Hossein Kasmai in search of helping established businesses branch out and expand their market through franchising. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Kasmai has launched numerous successful business concepts of his own that have been ranked highly in publishings such as Entrepreneur Magazine for several years in a row. For more information about Franchise Creator, please call 305-592-9229 or visit the company website at

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