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Mama and Her Young Assistant Preparing Dough to Make Sandwich Bread

 About Our Bakery

At Mama's Meatball, we bake all of our pastries in-house at our bakery from scratch, six days a week using fresh ingredients. Our baked goods include:

  •  pizza dough

  •  bread knots

  •  sandwich rolls

  •  taralli (Italian pretzels)

  •  cookies

  •  biscotti

  •  cheesecake

  •  chocolate cake

  •  and tiramisu

We accept customer orders with a 48-hour notice. Our Italian-style cookies and pastries are available for purchase in-store. 

About Mama!

“Mama,” Chef Nico’s Mom, is our pastry chef. She started baking since she was a little girl in Italy, the traditional way—by hand. She continues whipping up baked goods by hand for nearly 53 years. Because for her, there is no other way!

Mama is well known for her wide variety of classic Italian-style, bite-sized desserts. She proudly makes every individual handcrafted cookie from scratch using the finest ingredients. 

All of our homemade bakery items and desserts are 

available for sale at the restaurant. 

Mama Cutting up a Slice of Tiramisu
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